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You Can Shine

Andy Butler – the mastermind behind last years OSF act ‘Hercules & Love Affair’ – is about to release his first solo EP on his own label ‘mr.intl records’.

Here comes the title track:

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Death Cab To Black Sun

(Lyric) video for ‘Black Sun’ – the first outcome of Death Cab For Cutie’s new longplayer ’Kintsugi’ …

By the way – does anybody have the vague feeling of knowing the cover from somewhere?!

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OSF 2015 – Preview

Yes, we are back – teasing the first artists for this years 10th edition of the Open Source Festival.

Any ideas?

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They Are Shining

Really like the musical style of the two guys behind ‘We Are Shining’: A rough and wild mixture of psychedelic rock, african rhythms, hip hop and soul.

Sounds weird? Check it out:

We Are Shining – Road from Carl Addy on Vimeo.

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200 Press Play

There are rumors that James Blake‘s new album “Silent Radio” might feature some well-known guests / collaborators such as Kanye West or Justin Vernon.

If you don’t want to wait for the album to come – just press the play button below to listen to his latest 4-track EP called ’200 Press’ – released on Blake’s own label ‘1-800 Dinosaur’ …

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Sonne …

… is the name of Rival Consoles’ latest EP – released on Erased Tapes.

Here comes its last track called ‘Recovery’:

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Denken Sie Groß

Deichkind’s “tutorial” for how to come up with a proper 3D promo video … Think big!

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OSF 2014 – Preview

The first names for this years Open Source Festival are officially confirmed! Any ideas?

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Haven recently written about the amazing full album remix of Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”, Nicolas Jaar Dave Harrington are now back with Darkside’s first official longplayer “Psychic” – definitely a proper ‘album of the year’ candidate …


Also check out the mindblowing live performance of their track “Paper Trails” for the RA Sessions:

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Love Is Lost

Love this amazing version of David Bowie’s ‘Love Is Lost’ – remixed by James Murphy.

Especially the beginning of the track – a tribute to Steve Reich’s Clapping Music – and how the whole rhythm changes when the beat comes in is truly amazing …

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