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You Can Shine

Andy Butler – the mastermind behind last years OSF act ‘Hercules & Love Affair’ – is about to release his first solo EP on his own label ‘mr.intl records’.

Here comes the title track:

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Death Cab To Black Sun

(Lyric) video for ‘Black Sun’ – the first outcome of Death Cab For Cutie’s new longplayer ’Kintsugi’ …

By the way – does anybody have the vague feeling of knowing the cover from somewhere?!

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OSF 2015 – Preview

Yes, we are back – teasing the first artists for this years 10th edition of the Open Source Festival.

Any ideas?

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OSF 2014 – Preview

The first names for this years Open Source Festival are officially confirmed! Any ideas?

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OSF 2013 – Main Preview

Well – we finally have some first names for this years mainstage!

They’re going to be officially confirmed during the next couple of days – but the GIF below may give you some little hints … Any ideas?!

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OSF 2013 – Guess Who’s Coming …

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Douglas Greed – When A Man Sings On A Track

The first time i met Douglas Greed was back in 199sth – DJiing in his livingroom called Kassablanca in Jena. In 2005 we released his first 12″ on Combination Rec – some more followed. Later he found his home at his roomates imprint Freude Am Tanzen / Musik Krause. No wonder he performed at the Open Source Festival a few times already… His latest release “When A Man Sings On A Track” descripes best what makes him so unique as a person and producer: a combination of deep darkness and humor without getting silly! A thin line… When A Man Sings On A Track is now available at FatPlastics.


Laurent Garnier: “Douglas Greed “when a man sings…” – is the most exciting House track i’ve heard this year — i’m gonna hammer this monster everywhere”

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Thank You

The Open Source Festival 2012 is over …

Highest time to say thank you.

We want to thank everyone who helped us making this possible.

We want to thank all the amazing artists for a great day of superb music.

We want to say thank you to the weather god!

And we want to thank every single one of you for joining us.

We hope you had a wonderful day with many great and even small things to discover.

And we hope to see all of you back in 2013!

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The Rip Tide

Less than one week to go until this year’s Open Source Festival

Perfect time for another headliner to come up with a beautiful new video.

Cast off!

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Sizarr – Boarding Time

New Video by SIZARR – the up and coming band from a small town from south Germany has just performed at Sonar Festival in Barcelona – without even a debut album in their pockets. Music journalists and concert audiences have rarely sung from the same song sheet to such an extent: Wow, more of it! And you will get it all, on the Main Stage at the OPEN SOURCE FESTIVAL. Make sure to come early – Sizarrs boarding time at OSF 12: 15:00 cet

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