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Tribute to the King of Pop

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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Performed by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Happy new year everybody!

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Breton – Edward the Confessor

Just met Alex from Fat Cat Records in London. Fat Cat is not only the home of very special Supergroups like Sigur Rós,MúmAnimal Collective , Frightened Rabbit or the Düsseldorf based Hauschka but also of one of Londons most amazing projects: Breton.

The collective from South-east London is not only responsible of the most amazing fusion of  ”dubsteppy but poppy art-rock-cum-cinematic electronica”, its also known as award winning indie film maker team. No need to tell they produce all videos and visuals themselves. The Breton crew lives and works at a former bank known as BretonLABS. Volker Bertelmann (Hauscka) is just composing string arangements for their upcoming album - and we promise we will do everything to invite them to the Open Source Festival 2012… Enjoy their latest work: Edward the confessor

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Oona …

“Oona … sometimes flips out” as Akusmi describes the background of what we want to show today. It all began a couple of years ago with a little and experimental video starring a four year old girl named Oona.

Now Oona is seven years old – and she still knows how to rock as you can watch below (by the way – pretty much the best editing I’ve seen for quite a while)!

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Kraftwerk 3D

If you would have been picked for the guestlist of the Galerie Hans Mayer re-opening  last Friday in Düsseldorf, you might have had the exclusive chance to witness a sneak preview of Kraftwerk’s latest multi-channel 3D work — designed for their exhibition at Lenbach House in Munich. No need to say that the opening concerts of the “band” are already sold out. But the exhibition (15.10.11 – 13.11.11) is definitely worth a visit ( … or maybe even worth a trip to Munich? Hmm … ) and surely won’t include Prosecco Aperol spots on your Jacket …

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Aras Schallplatten

A wonderful short film about a traditional vinyl store in Düseldorf and it’s owner Ara.

Lovely made by Roman Tönjes.

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Seems like Björks new Album ‘Biophilia‘ – the first App-Album ever – is also going to reach an ‘ordinary’ audience…

Classic music video for ‘Crystalline’ – directed by Michel Gondry:

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Leslie Feist‘s new album “Metals” will be released in October 2011…

Check out this short teaser with some brandnew snippets:

Via Pitchfork

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Open The Source

Hello world,

Right on time for this year’s Open Source Festival we finally made it to launch this officially unofficial blog. We want this to become a place where we will share exclusive backstage information and news about the festival as well as some of our personal inspiration, musical discoveries or just stuff we love. This could be everything from music (of course), photography or design up to awesome films or anything else. And we want you to be an important part of this. Please feel free to comment the hell out of your keyboard. Discuss with us and let this site become a real source of inspiration!

We’re very excited and welcome every single one of you,

The OTS-Bunch

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